My reading of “The Book Thief”

 At our school we all got an assignment where we were suppose to follow some instructions. I did so and the results are below but before that you should read what the instructions was so you actually have an idea what i am doing: 

  1. Write an entry on your blog. Call it my reading of…..(name of book) 
  2. Make a table and in the left hand column write 4 different paragraphs from the book from each of the following topics: Theme, setting, plot and character development.
  3. In the right hand column write why you chose that particular paragraph and its significance in the book
  4. End the blog post by writing a small summary of your impression of the book! Make it out as a review and post it on Amazon! Would you recommend this book to others? Link to the review on your blog.
  5. Use this rubric to self-assess and grade your performance

– The book i am writing about is a book called “The book thief.



My «evaluation»


«The food,» he reminded her. «Find the food. And cigarettes, if you can.»

Both items, however, were the last thing on her mind. She was home, amongst the mayor’s books of every colour and description, with they silver and gold lettering. She could smell the pages. She could almost taste the words as they stacked up around her. Her feet took her to the right-hand wall. She knew the one she wanted-the exact position- but when she made it to The whistler’s usual place on the shelf, it was not there. a slight gap was there in its place. 


This paragraph takes place in the mayors house just after Liesel has climbed true a window ready to steal some «food» for her and Rudy. Her original plan since the start was to steal a book. And what i found so amazing in this paragraph is how Liesels reaction to Rudy’s comment «The food» was, I truly believe that in this paragraph is the place where you really see Liesels true love for books. To say it simple: When you think about book’s more then food you’re seriously passionate for books. In addition to showing Liesels love for books it also displays the theme of the book. As I have interpreted the theme of the book is the power of words which really gets well presented in this chapter. As i read from another blog I would also say that «death» takes a big part of the theme. After all the narrator of the book is death so…


After lodging his form at the Nazi headquarters on Munich street, he witnessed four men throw several bricks into a clothing store named Kleinman’s. It was one of the few jewish shops that was still in operation in molching. Inside, a small man was stuttering about, crushing the broken glass beneath his feet as he cleaned up. A star the colour of mustard was smeared out the door. In sloppy lettering, the word JEWISH FILTH were spilling over at their edges. The movement inside tapered from hurried to morose, then stopped all together.


This paragraph does actually say quite much about the book settings. It is not super clear when and where this incident takes place but, if we think of which place jewish hatred was very strong we could relate to Nazi Germany in the period 1930 to 1945(which is the time period the book is written in). As written it takes place on one of the more central roads of the book, Munich street. Something you really didn’t want to be in Germany was a jew. But if one person was so unfortunate to be a jew in Germany at that time people could pretty much do whatever they wanted to you without getting punished. 


The book thief had struck for the first time- the beginning of an illustrious career.


One of the first actions that Liesel does is steal the Gravedigger’s handbook. As described this is her first out of many thefts to come. Even thought this is a one-sentence paragraph it really does describe what the whole book is about. The book isn’t only about stealing book’s it also has a lot of side stories but all these small stories leads to a book getting stolen. 

Character development:

He came in every night and sat with her. The first couple of times he simply stayed- a stranger to kill the aloneness. A few nights after that, he whispered, «shh, I’m here, it’s all right». After three weeks, he held her. Trust was accumulated quickly, due primarily to the brute strength of the man’s gentleness, his there ness. The girl knew from the outset that he’d always appear mid-scream, and he would not leave.

Character development:

This is probably one of the first and most important incidences in the book. First of all this incident leads to a great friendship between Hans Huberman and Liesel. Later on in the story the visits that Hans Huberman payees turn into «classes» where Hans tries to learn Liesel how to read and write. Another reason for this being such a huge changing point is because Liesel start to change her personality (her love for books grow stronger) and we get a better insight in how Hans Huberman really is. What we can say is that this paragraph starts a development process between two characters.  





The book thief is in many ways a good book but, in all honesty i have to say it is not my kind of book. The book is written in a very sad and dark manner which really starts to play with your emotions. Even though i knew how the book was going to end (it got «spoiled» in  the beginning of the book) i really felt a little sadness in me. In addition to the sad settings that can be viewed from a positive or negative viewpoint the whole story is pretty slow going. Even though the book is written in a great manner and has some of the better english i have seen their is still something missing. At this point i can’t really tell you what is missing but i can tell you  that in general the book is to over sentimental and heavy handed on the symbolism. To make it clear i have to inform you guys that i like reading books like Game of thrones, Lord of the rings and the inheritance cycle aka. Fantacy books where war is raging and there are battles everywhere. These books are more focused on adventure, excitement, happiness/(good endings) and action, basically all of these book series are fantasy books which is the opposite of the somewhat realistic book «The book thief». It really wasn’t a bad book but i think it should rather be read by grownups rather then teenage boys like myself.


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