How to PowerPoint :)


Sorry for the pictures not coming up having a hard time trying so please be patient and hopefully it will work out. (You want to see the full tutorial you should check out our book that will soon be on the marked).

PowerPoint (© Microsoft Corp.) is a wide used presentation program  which is usually used for different types of conferences, school lectures, Business lectures and so on. The purpose of using a PowerPoint presentation in school is to get the people interested. When you have made a PowerPoint people will have pictures to watch, they will have headwords or sentences to read, and they will have you to listen to. All this contributes to making your presentation much more fun and interesting, but there are still problems that can occur. When you make a PowerPoint make sure to not make it to flashy or fancy. When you have a PowerPoint presentation you still want to have the attention on you so people actually get what your saying. The problem with having a super fancy PowerPoint presentation is that the attention is on the PP (PowerPoint) and not you. Beneath you will see a written example with pictures on how to make and set up a PowerPoint, but please use the information wisely and don’t prop your PP with pictures and texts.


The first thing you will see when you open PowerPoint is this:

Maskingenerert alternativ tekst: w
, Figurryll -
L  Fiquromriss
Hurtigstiler  Figureffekter —
Klikkforå leggetil
en tittel
Klikkfor å legge til notater
Lysbilde i av i ¡ Office-tema  ) Norsk (bokmål)
I è M _ _
L1I    (
Sett inn
Klipp ut
L3_j Kopier —
j Kopier
Utforming Overganger Animasjoner Lysbildefremvis fling
Presentasjoni -Microsoft PowerPoint
Se gjennom Visning Tillegg
- - A: A  EIE  jflTekstretning
Juster tekst
Konvertertil SmartArt
A11 1 LU
I-Nr\{ y*j)Ordne
4 50k
c Erstatt
Lì Velg
Klikk for å legge til en undertittel
NO    i) ..ilI

Now, as you can see I have surrounded the important areas that you should look at with red marker.


Nr1. Unfortunate my PowerPoint program is in Norwegian because I live in Norway, but I can ensure you that if you open PowerPoint in your language it will look the same. Well, the first circle (1) marks the “new slide” button. When you click this you get a new slide, this makes you able to put on more information on the PP and this is why this button is important to remember.


Nr2 and nr3. The second marked area has the same thing that it is in word as I am quite sure you have used before. It is kind off like a panel where you control how your letters and writing look like. The third circle marks the place you can click to put your PowerPoint in full screen mode = Presentation phase.


Nr 4 and nr 5. In the boxes that the nr 4 is pointing at it says “click to add a title” and “Click to add a under title”. This is where you can write and put in different types of texts. Basically this is the place where you want to add your title and your information/key words. The nr 5 just points at a place where you can just add random things like arrows, lines, squares and stuff like that = (not that important).


Maskingenerert alternativ tekst: 1    - L ‘ v  w Presentasjoni - Microsoft PowerPoint — -_ -w.- ...everictøy
!,,. ¶Iiem r=::ttInn  Utforming  Animasjoner .........  Segjennom   --—- 4


Nr1. This is the toolbar in PowerPoint. As you can see I have cut out some of the parts in the toolbar, this is because these tool options are not necessary to use to make a good PP (unless you are a pro). What you should concentrate on are those who are not marked = “home” – “put in” – “layout” – “Animations” – “Look true”. The home thing is the one described above. “Put in” is used to put in stuff that you might have saved like pictures or different types of figures, diagrams and so on. In the “animation” tab you are able to configure the animations of your picture and text. In “look true” you can configure the language you want your writing to correct after.


Maskingenerert alternativ tekst: J’
________ [...... i  ......   •FJD a 1   —   F
___________ I Iii ___________ II
Ii’ ______________•I I I ______________
IWi_I I Aa I _____
__________ __________ __________ __________  I......
_____ .. .. ......
•1 ;- .. L,  IJj
My name ¡s Victor
— 1259
NO  F1  l ..iiI  02.032013
Utskriftsformat Lysb
Farger —
—  Skrifter —
— [Õ]Effekter
< Bakgrunnsstiler
Skjul bakgrunnsgrafikk
I e  _ _


If I were going to tell you all the functions on how to use PowerPoint it would have been on several pages. This is why I am mainly writing about the basics of how to use PowerPoint. It is up to you if you want to follow this guide and experiment or try to learn  it alone. The last thing I will tell you about is how to add pictures into your PP. When you see a picture on the web the easiest thing to do is copy and paste. To copy you have to click the right mouse button then click Copy:

Maskingenerert alternativ tekst: Åpne kobling i ny fane
I Åpne kobling i nytt vindu
Åpne koblingen i inkognitovindu
Lagre kobling som...
Kopier koblingsadresse
Lagre bilde som...
Kopier bildenettadressen
Kopier bilde
Åpne bilde i ny fane
¡nspiser element


To paste you have to click “ctrl + v”, you can also click the right mouse button and click paste if that is an option. By now you should have some knowledge on how to make a PowerPoint. You really have to experiment by yourself to actually see how the system works, but by following these hints and tips you will have a foundation to do so. If you have any questions about PowerPoint don’t be afraid to send me a message at: