Demotivating and the power of teachers

(This is another contribution to the book we are writing in our class, it is a “follow true” from a text about motivation. I also wrote something about teachers because that was some of the assignment.)

On the last couple of pages you have read about what gives a person motivation. As always there is two different perspective on something, in this situation we have good and bad motivation. Bad motivation is obviously the opposite of good motivation. This is where the problem starts, even thought people know what bad motivation is they don’t know that they are using this  “bad motivation” unconsciously every single day. I can say for a fact that once in your life you have set a barrier that only exists in your mind and no one else’s. For example when you see a hot girl/guy at your school, workplace, bar or park you think that the person is to “hot” for you to go talk to him/her. I can tell you that even the hottest guy or women in the world has had a thought like that. The reason for this incidence being demotivating is because you think negative about yourself, which effects your self esteem.

School is super important, this is why you as a teacher, student or even as reader should know what is demotivating and motivating in school. As you might know this is not a book about girls or guys but a book about school and that is why this section will be more focused on school. By now you should know what demotivation is, if so one of my goals has succeeded. School is as I said earlier very important, what is also very important is the teachers. Teachers can be the biggest source of motivation you will have in school, the bad thing is that teachers can be really demotivating to. Knowledge is something teachers are full of and it can be used for both good and bad things. Usually in most situations teachers know their students from the inside to the outside meaning they know what sides of the different students that needs to be improved. Of course it is important for a teacher to not give a better grade then the person deserves and only give the person nice feedback/comments. The teachers also has to tell the students that everything is possible if he/her gets a bad grade and at least try to encourage. If a teacher tells one of her students that there isn’t any opportunities to get a great result, the person is most definite to loose motivation which is a very bad thing.


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