Reliable sources

What is a reliable source? Well, a reliable web source is a source you can say is trustworthy. The big question is how one person can say that the web source one is on is trust able.  In my opinion you can never say that a web source is ever 100% trustworthy. How can you for example know that Jesus was born on 24. Desember, that’s right you can’t say it for a fact, but that is what we are learnt to believe. Back to web sources, what you can do is analyze your source and check if it is legit, correct, incorrect or whatever you want to check. What you should ask yourself when you are going to analyze your text are these questions.

  • Do I know and trust the site publisher?
  • Is the publisher reputable?
  • Is the sponsorship clear?
  • Why should I believe the site author, what are their credentials?
  • Is this a professional looking web site in terms of graphics, file formats, active links etc.? 
  • Is the site selling, educating, buying or advertising and thus creating a bias? Dates & How Current is the Information?
  • Based on what I know, how believable is the information?


(These questions are taken from the links above for educational reasons. Would also recommend those websites if you want to learn more about reliable sources.)


You might ask yourself why it is so important to check if the web source your on is legit.  If you are a student it is very important because the information you take from the web might affect your tests and grades. If you search “World war two” in Google you get a lot of different sources. Mostly the sources you go into are written by different authors. Think of it this way, you read a text where the WW2 is written from a Nazi perspective and one from an American perspective. The texts would be completely different and give you completely different facts. Because of this you and especially students should look on web sources with a critical view so you don’t get the wrong intension or one person’s perspective on a case. BTW, be especially critical to blogs because they usually contain personal thoughts and information.


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