The new project!

Today I started a new project that I will be working with the next couple of weeks. Today I was writing about the global warming and its effect on the earth. I didn’t finish writing about it so I must either write the rest at home or I will have to do it next time. Next time I will also write about what is causing the global warming and how/when global warming started. So as you can see I will be busy the next couple of weeks working on this project.  Currently what I am writing will turn into a lecture so to actually be able to finish the text I will probably have to work really hard to get done in time. You might ask yourself why is writing this one little lecture is going to need so much effort? Well, the reason is because I will get a grade on this plus I have to read out a book called “the book thief” (look at my last blog post) at the same time as I am writing this “little” lecture. Besides all this English homework I also have a spare time that is kind of limited because all the other homework we have but oh well. I want good grades and to achieve that I guess I have to work hard. Now you know what I have done today and will be doing later on in this month, glad you did actually read this and feel free to comment on my blog.


2 thoughts on “The new project!

  1. It is very interesting how you have set yourself a project and I will be eager to see what the rest of the project looks like! It may also be interesting if you talk about your own views on global warming and what you feel we could do to help, besides what we are told to do!

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