“Trace effect” game review

The date is 18.12.2012 and it is our last English class before the Christmas holiday. In our class today we first watched a movie called Edward scissorhands, then we played a game called Trace Effect. We got an assignment where we had to choose one option/ a subject we could write about. The options we got was to write about something that interested us in the movie or write a review of the game we played. I chose to write a review of the game “Trace effect”.

The game trace effect is made by the “U.S department of state” and it was made to teach English to students all around the world. The concept of trying to teach students by letting them play a game is in my opinion great. In the modern society we live in we need to think outside the box and thing new. Sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher is not thinking outside the box. Listening to a teacher is something we have done in years so I really want to give some credits to the U.S department of state for being creative. The only problem that I faced was playing the game. The game itself did actually have a good concept/story, but the play style, graphics and the English used in the game isn’t really good. From my own experience I would say that I learn much more English from games like Farcry, Skyrim and pretty much all other online games because these types of games are fun to play.

The English used in the game is also too easy for the age group 12-16 which is the age the game is made for. Trace effect is just about running around trying to find different objects/persons which I personally don’t find any interest in. So my conclusion of the game is that it might  work out as a English teaching program for little kids at the age of 6-10 and not for the age 12-16. One thing people should not forget is that gaming can be very fun and teach full as long as it is interesting to play. The loading screen also took quite some time to get by which would probably mislead other people or make them bored, which equals to them clicking away from website.

Here is the link to the website:

Make sure to check it out so you can write your own opinion of the game.  Writing your own opinion on the game might help game developers all around the world to develop new games, so I recommend you to start writing 😉

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