Notes from 11th hour

11th hour is an interesting movie which is highly recommended by me. The movie is a documentary about our world and all the natural/ecological problems that have occurred true this and the last century. This movie basically informed me and I believe my whole class about problems that we basically thought we knew but really didn’t. You might think “oh I know more than enough about the climate changes and how we humans affect this change”. My answer to this is “NO” you probably don’t know that much about the climate as you think. I thought this was going to be a boring school class (you would as well I believe) watching a documentary about climate. After seeing the movie I want to change the whole world and help/lead the world in the right direction.

The movie doesn’t only focus about the climate but also the society’s affect and thought about this problem. For example, the people in the movie talks about how it is possible to buy all the ecosystems in the world. When a person buys an ecosystem (an area) he/she can do whatever he/she wants with it. This is a huge problem because in most of these cases the ecosystems get contaminated by for example oil, sewer systems and different types of factories. So the movie sums up all the problems that we humans (/it is also the earths problems) have in today’s society within the categories earth’s climate, land, society, ecosystems and so on.

True out the movie we had to take notes. Our teacher Ann made it a little bit more interesting than just “taking notes” so she made us take notes in three different ways. The first method was to write as a group, so everybody could see and share knowledge that we perceived. The second and the third was basically the same, write notes by hand and write notes on a word document (PC). Even though those two note taking methods were quite the same I must say I didn’t catch that much information when I wrote on the paper. Reasons for this might be because I had to focus a lot more when I wrote on paper.  In general I felt this idea was creative and fun, I also learned what “note taking” method that is the best and easiest for me. (At lectures I learn best when I listen, though sometimes it is good to take notes). (The best way for me to take notes is to write alone on word)      


One thought on “Notes from 11th hour

  1. You write an interesting post about the documentary. And I’m glad you liked it! Seems like it was engaging to you! That’s great. Many reached the same conclusion as you when it comes to taking notes. I think we need to work on how sharing notes might benefit the class!

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