Nomination of the Edublog!

The Edublog awards are coming up soon so I thought it would be cool to nominate someones blog. There are two blogs that I want to nominate and those two blogs are my teachers’ blog and one of my classmate’s blog which in my opinion is one of the most interesting blogs I have read so far. My teachers’ blog has a very good layout that makes it interesting to read. My friends’ blog is in my opinion one of the best blog sites that I have seen (my opinion).  

The blog links are here:
Student Blog-
Teachers’ blog –


Blog writing

The questions we got assigned by our teacher:

  •  You think there is more pressure on how you perform/write when you use blogs instead of writing a paper for the teacher only?
  • Do you think the use of blogs reduces the difference between your work at school and your everyday life?

1.There is a big difference about writing English texts on my blog and writing English texts on pen and paper. When i write on my blog I feel free and I don’t feel like I have any pressure on me. When I write on pen and paper I usually feel a pressure, one reason for that might be because when we write on paper you know the teacher is going to judge and set your grade out from only that paper. On my blog I have several different texts that she can read and judge my grade out from. This could of course be bad because she might read that one blog that you wrote a little sloppy. I obviously love to get nice feedback, questions and views on my blog to which makes the every day life a little happier.

2. I do believe that the blog thing has changed my everyday life, before I started in college I didn’t usually have that much homework in English which basically made me lazy. I was able to barely achieve the grade 5 which is the second best you can get. Now that we have blogs it is more interesting to write because you know a lot of people all over the world will read the text and evaluate you (in their own way). I definitely have started to write more English which is very positive. I don’t really believe that the blog writing changed/reduced the work I do at school or at home. The reason for this might be because at school I try to work hard so I won’t get any homework, at home I write very freely and when I feel for it. Thats why there hasn’t really been any big changes starting with the blog.

Alcohol under or over 18?

Another subject that is widely discussed is when we/teenagers should be able to buy alcohol. The Norwegian law says that you must be 18 years or older to purchase alcoholic drinks/beverages. In my opinion that’s fine. I don’t drink and when i start to drink in the future i want to drink to enjoy myself not to get drunk and party. A lot of people  at my school drink alcohol or smoke which in my opinion is just stupid. You have probably heard of the phrase YOLO which means “You only live once”. Originally it was made so people could try to be safe and more careful in life but it changed fast to “you only live once let’s try to jump of this cliff without parachute” (you only live once so let’s try everything stupid and exiting). YOLO is also used as a phrase for drinking and partying as a young person (Because you only are young once).

Well i would say i agree with that 18 years old should be the age limit to buy alcohol. I don’t really believe in increasing the rate would help because it would probably lead to more people breaking the law. When you are 18 your of legal age and in my opinion old enough to have/take your own responsibilities. But of course this is only my opinion of this subject, so if you disagree or agree with me i would be more than happy for a response in the comments.

Sandy poster!

Today we had an interesting English class where we had some options we could choose from. My group chose to make a poster about Sandy. It was fun and we worked hard and fast (effectively) 🙂 Hope we will continue to work like this in our English class. Peace out, me and my group wish the best of luck to all the people around the world that is struggling with natural disasters in their home country. I am really having problems posting pictures of the poster so that is really unfortunite :/