Want some basketball? Well read this :)

Basketball is a well known sport all around the world and the major league has it’s stand in the U.S.A and is called the “National Basketball Associations” refereed to as the N.B.A. The objective of the game basketball is to put/shoot a ball into the opponents goal which is a basket mounted 10 feet above the ground to a backboard. The game is very challenging because of strict rules that should not be overlooked, unless it’s street basketball. Street basketball could be looked at as another genre of basketball but it does not because it is mostly basketball without rules.

Dang it! Just wrote two chapters then it all got deleted because i touched a random button :/ (Felt i had to say that…) The way you move the ball around on the court is to either bounce the ball (Dribble) or pass the ball to your team mates. You’r not allowed to walk with the ball, you can neither pick up the ball after you have bounced it and then start bouncing again (Then you will be called for “traveling”). They say it is aloud to take one step in basketball, in my opinion this is true but you can only take that one step at a certain point or place. Usually you would take that one step to finish or go up to the basket to score (this is called a Layup). There are quite many rules so i want describe any more rules. One thing you guyes should take a look at is the “Foul”. The foul and the traveling rules are probably the most important rules and you basically only have to know them to play basketball for fun.

I love basketball and have played on a team for some seasons. I thought it was a brilliant and fun sport that i truly love to play. I just loved the intensity of the game and loved the feeling when you scored a goal. I was a center (I am 6.5f = 195cm). Would recommend this sport to kids and teenagers, it is also possible to play as a man in his thirtieths.  

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