Was just about to relax at home when suddenly i found out that i had homework. The clock is 18:02, not really that late but it will probably be around 19:00 when i am done with this homework. The discussion about if the kids/teenagers should have homework’s or not, it’s a big subject that i would say is a discussed at every school. I just started at college and we have already discussed the subject homework or longer schools. I know that we have homework because teachers want us to learn and to kinda prepare for the next class. The problem is that many teachers doesn’t check the homework which makes a lot of people skip it. This is kinda embarrassing because when the teachers ask what we have read/prepared for this class nobody answer which leads to a awkward silence in the room.      

One option that is hugely discussed is longer schools. This will lead to us having a bigger possibilities to understand the subject because we will have our teacher for disposal in class. Another thing is that it’f freaking hard to focus at the homework’s at home… One of my friends asked me on Skype if i wanted to come out and play but guess what, HOMEWORK’S. We also get distracted easily by for example Facebook or YouTube. It will also make it easier for us students to avoid these bad marks on our resume. I also believe other students would want more schools instead of carrying 1 ton of books home then take them back the next day. It’s just like no fun…   


Even the queen in Norway posted a note on her Facebook page about stopping to give students homework (Hail the queen ;). Hope we will soon be homework free and that we will have more school. Now that i am finally done i can go out with some friends and play! 

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