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You might not know that i am half Indian and half Norwegian. In our English class today we are suppose to write about a news article that we found in an English speaking country. I choose an India newspaper article because i am half Indian. The article is about a policeman that was overpowered/assaulted when Manoj (the name of the policeman) started questioning a man called Mohammed that was wanted for robbery. Mohammed was close to his hideout and suddenly three men came up behind Manoj and started to hurl bricks at the policeman. Manoj reacted by pulling his gun out but got easily overpowered by the three men. One man started shooting at Manoj and minutes later they wore gone.

One villager had called PCR and Manoj was rushed to the hospital. After this incidence he got sustained head and leg injuries as well as shot injuries in his hand. The link to the article is here:

I am glad he is okay and that he will be okay, but i guess this thing didn’t come to me as a very big shock because it happens a lot all around the world in different countries. Either it is police brutality or it is police officers that has been  assaulted. Even thought the happening is sad we should not be to surprised.

2 thoughts on “Indian news

  1. Hey there! Im part of the quadblogging system that three other schools are involved in-Im from an english school, and we have only just started blogging, but I shared your thoughts on this article! I hope he’s okay too:-) I hope you read and enjoy our blogs also!

    • I think it is great that people actually take notice of the small “problems”/dangers that is in this world. I am also very positive to your sharing of my thoughts on the article. I am definitely going to check out the blogs from the quadblogging system and thank you very much for sharing.
      Sincerly Victor

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