Analyzing Novels

Last Tuesday our class was given a task about novels. We were supposed to analyze a novel and write a short section about the difference between a short story and a Novel. Our teacher (which is usually always prepared for her lessons with us) had prepared and set up around 10-20 novels we could choose from. Unfortunately for me i had to have a test in the begging of the lesson. The reason for only me and some other people having the test this Tuesday was because i was gone from class the 3.10.2012 when we actually were suppose to have the test. (I didn’t skip the test i was on a student Council camp).

Well, i did the test and hurried up so i could start analyzing a novel. I Chose a novel called “Thank You, M’am” Link:
t was entertaining to read this novel and the analyzing was fine. To be honest analyzing different things like books, novels, short stories and movies for that sake isn’t really my thing. What i mean with this is that i would rather prefer to write a novel or short story instead of writing an analysis. But whatever 😉 i wrote the analysis and on the upcoming Tuesday i will have a short presentation in front of my teacher to get an oral grade.

So wish me the best of luck so i might achieve something on the higher level. Have a good day and thank you for reading, really appreciate comments 🙂

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