Power of the media

The other day we watched a movie called “The miracle”. In my opinion it was a good movie which had a good story. The movie is based on a true story, it is about a whale saving mission in Alaska that occurred in the 80’s. You might ask yourself why I am writing about this, well the reason is that I got this assignment from my teacher where we were supposed to choose two topics from the movie we wanted to write about and one of them that I chose was the power of the media. In the movie it is really well demonstrated how much the media affects the world or the people in once country.

As illustrated in the movie people use the media to kinda represent them self either as very good and nice people or to represent their company. For example, in the movie there is this man who owns this oil company, nobody likes him because he wants to earn money on oil in Alaska. When this whale story suddenly occurs he kinda sets it up for his advantage, he donates a lot of money just to try to get them out, he also visits the whales and says he loves the nature/ocean life to the media. Here the media represented this “Oil King” as the very,very good guy and that he actually cares about the nature life (as he obviously did not). There is also another scenario where the Inuits (that kills whales for a living) were represented as the real heroes for saving the whales. They originally wanted to kill the trapped whales and eat them, but then they got an idea from one of the main characters that they could save the whales and be represented as the good people.

The media is an “instrument” that can be used for many different purposes. It can be used for both good and bad things, like for example make bad role models because the media write good things about them. Well the media had a very huge role in this movie, and the good thing about the media in this movie is that without the media the whales would not have gotten as much attention as they did an they would not be saved. So media is both a good and a bad thing, people just have to be a little more aware of the situation of the media. Leave a comment if there is anything you want to tell me something or if you are wondering about anything 🙂 please take  notice that social media is not only about newspapers and TV but also about other popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, twitter and even blog’s.


Want some basketball? Well read this :)

Basketball is a well known sport all around the world and the major league has it’s stand in the U.S.A and is called the “National Basketball Associations” refereed to as the N.B.A. The objective of the game basketball is to put/shoot a ball into the opponents goal which is a basket mounted 10 feet above the ground to a backboard. The game is very challenging because of strict rules that should not be overlooked, unless it’s street basketball. Street basketball could be looked at as another genre of basketball but it does not because it is mostly basketball without rules.

Dang it! Just wrote two chapters then it all got deleted because i touched a random button :/ (Felt i had to say that…) The way you move the ball around on the court is to either bounce the ball (Dribble) or pass the ball to your team mates. You’r not allowed to walk with the ball, you can neither pick up the ball after you have bounced it and then start bouncing again (Then you will be called for “traveling”). They say it is aloud to take one step in basketball, in my opinion this is true but you can only take that one step at a certain point or place. Usually you would take that one step to finish or go up to the basket to score (this is called a Layup). There are quite many rules so i want describe any more rules. One thing you guyes should take a look at is the “Foul”. The foul and the traveling rules are probably the most important rules and you basically only have to know them to play basketball for fun.

I love basketball and have played on a team for some seasons. I thought it was a brilliant and fun sport that i truly love to play. I just loved the intensity of the game and loved the feeling when you scored a goal. I was a center (I am 6.5f = 195cm). Would recommend this sport to kids and teenagers, it is also possible to play as a man in his thirtieths.  

Formal and informal texts

The texts

As you can see I have written two different text types below, one text is written in a formal style and the other text is an informal text. Formal English is used in “serious” texts and situations like for example, in official documents, books, news reports, articles, business letters or official speeches. Informal English is used in everyday conversations and in personal letters. This means that informal English we usually don’t use abbreviations like ex., sry., lol, you should also try to avoid saying it’s but rather it is. One of the biggest differences is probably that in informal texts you can mostly write with own opinions, which is something that’s not usual for formal texts.

Formal real estate marked text

The Norwegian real estate market is sky-high which is unfavorable for the Norwegian inhabitants. In the last two decades the real estate market has increased far much higher than what a person’s income is. This leads to bad relations between the real estate prices and a person’s income. In the Norwegian capital, Oslo there is a fact that people pay around 30% more than what the macroeconomics had calculated true the price movement. The macroeconomic calculates what will happen out from the different companies’ decisions. It is also estimated that you have to earn around 700.000 NOK= 77000 GBP to live in Oslo. To give an example on the crazy prices that you can find on the Norwegian real estate market is: to get an apartment on 50 square miles you must pay 2.500.000NOK =275. 000GBP (In Oslo). In U.S.A/Florida you can get a house for the same price, the difference is that it is150-200 Square miles not 50.

Norway has one of the highest “gross national products” (GNP) and is one of the richest countries in the world. This does not necessarily mean that all the people in Norway are rich and can afford to live in this society. The prices in all of Norway have increased evenly true the last two decades, but this year the prices have increased by 7.8-10.0%. Prices are continually rising in Norway and many other countries and there is really nothing that the people can do anything with unless to many citizens moves out of the country. The reason for the rising of these high prices is because of the immigration into Norway. In terms of population in Norway it is growing fast which means that a lot of people will need a house or apartment. The system has taken advantage of this and raised the prices to what the society would call “sky-high”.

Informal real estate text

Wow! The real estate market is going sky-high in Norway which is not very good for anybody. Well its good for the people working in the real estate business but for us citizens of Norway it’s not very good. What you can ask yourself is how did the prices become so high! I personally have no idea why the prices are so high but I definitely have some opinions on the prices. It’s said that you must have a yearly income on 700.000 NOK to live in our capital Oslo, which is crazy! In Oslo you can get a 50 square mile apartment for 2.500.000 NOK, in Florida (U.S.A) you can get a house which is 150-200 square miles for the same price.

My father has an apartment in Oslo and luckily we bought the apartment before this crazy rising in prices. People that for ex. want to study in Oslo will seriously be bankrupt or have alone on several thousand NOK/Dollars at the end of the semester. (In Norway it’s not usual to have huge loans after for ex. high school, college or university because it’s mostly free, university may cost you a little money though.) I am sorry for speaking so negative on this situation we have in the real estate market in Norway right now. It’s just that I can’t really find any positive sides about it, I am also very young and haven’t really gotten into these things yet. My visions of things are: if things increases in prices I want to complain or argue against it so they get set back down 😉

To give you guys a little deeper look at the differences between the two types of writing styles I have chosen two different outtakes from my texts that I will analyze.

– Norway has one of the highest “gross national products” (GNP) and is one of the richest countries in the world. This does not necessarily mean that all the people in Norway are rich and can afford to live in this society.

If we look at this outtake from the formal text we can see that I have written “gross national product” then written the abbreviation of the word in brackets. If this had been an informal text I could have just written   the abbreviation and kept going. In the other sentence I wrote “this does not…”, in an informal text I could have written a shortened version like “this doesn’t…”.

– What you can ask yourself is how did the prices become so high! I personally have no idea why the prices are so high but I definitely have some opinions on the prices.

In the first sentence I have written directly to the people reading the text, I said “what you can ask yourself is …”. In the second sentence I write my own opinions, it’s also written a little sloppy if you think about me saying I don’t know. I could of course have done some research and easily found the answer but well, well.  It is an informal text so it’s not that important to write all correct and give as much facts away as possible.



Was just about to relax at home when suddenly i found out that i had homework. The clock is 18:02, not really that late but it will probably be around 19:00 when i am done with this homework. The discussion about if the kids/teenagers should have homework’s or not, it’s a big subject that i would say is a discussed at every school. I just started at college and we have already discussed the subject homework or longer schools. I know that we have homework because teachers want us to learn and to kinda prepare for the next class. The problem is that many teachers doesn’t check the homework which makes a lot of people skip it. This is kinda embarrassing because when the teachers ask what we have read/prepared for this class nobody answer which leads to a awkward silence in the room.      

One option that is hugely discussed is longer schools. This will lead to us having a bigger possibilities to understand the subject because we will have our teacher for disposal in class. Another thing is that it’f freaking hard to focus at the homework’s at home… One of my friends asked me on Skype if i wanted to come out and play but guess what, HOMEWORK’S. We also get distracted easily by for example Facebook or YouTube. It will also make it easier for us students to avoid these bad marks on our resume. I also believe other students would want more schools instead of carrying 1 ton of books home then take them back the next day. It’s just like no fun…   


Even the queen in Norway posted a note on her Facebook page about stopping to give students homework (Hail the queen ;). Hope we will soon be homework free and that we will have more school. Now that i am finally done i can go out with some friends and play! 


Clinton takes responsibility for the security at the US consulate in Lybia.”I take responsibility,” she told CNN. “I’m in charge of the State Department’s 60,000-plus people all over the world (at) 275 posts. The president and the vice president wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. They’re the ones who weigh all of the threats and the risks and the needs and make a considered decision.”Last month the US consulate were attacked by Libyan extremists, four people were killed including the US ambassador. She said Monday that the security at all of America’s diplomatic mission abroad is her job.

She also told FOX News that “the decisions about security are made by security professionals.”

Bloomberg News reported Sunday that Ambassador Stevens’ father said he believes his son’s death is being investigated adequately and that it would be “abhorrent to make this into a campaign issue.”

Felix the hight master

Skydiver Felix Baumgartner leapt into the record books Sunday, after a jump of 39 km above New Mexico, breaking the sound barrier and reaching the fastest ever freefall speed – 1342 km/h. The Austrian also set records for the highest skydive, the fastest freefall and the highest manned balloon flight. However the record holder for the longest freefall jump is still Joseph Kittinger (84) who in 1960 jumped from 31.33 meters. Made by my team mate in class.

Indian news

You might not know that i am half Indian and half Norwegian. In our English class today we are suppose to write about a news article that we found in an English speaking country. I choose an India newspaper article because i am half Indian. The article is about a policeman that was overpowered/assaulted when Manoj (the name of the policeman) started questioning a man called Mohammed that was wanted for robbery. Mohammed was close to his hideout and suddenly three men came up behind Manoj and started to hurl bricks at the policeman. Manoj reacted by pulling his gun out but got easily overpowered by the three men. One man started shooting at Manoj and minutes later they wore gone.

One villager had called PCR and Manoj was rushed to the hospital. After this incidence he got sustained head and leg injuries as well as shot injuries in his hand. The link to the article is here:

I am glad he is okay and that he will be okay, but i guess this thing didn’t come to me as a very big shock because it happens a lot all around the world in different countries. Either it is police brutality or it is police officers that has been  assaulted. Even thought the happening is sad we should not be to surprised.