Both America and Scotland are English speaking countries. We have done some research on the differences between these two societies. Just write it in the comment box if you think we forgot something important but here is what we found:
United states have their national holiday on 4th of July which is their day of independence. Usually countries
have their national holiday at the day of their independence; however Scotland celebrates their national day on St. Andrews day. St. Andrew was one of the twelve apostles to Jesus. They celebrate this day in order to honor
him. The population density in America is about half as the density in Scotland. The density in America is 33.7/km^2, and in Scotland the density is 65.61/km^2.

The national costume in Scotland is the Kilt + a Prince Charlie jacket, in the U.S.A there is no national costume because the people there are from such diverse backgrounds that costume represents Americans. The national costume goes under the group.

Some of our questions has been answers, but it would be nice if you could dedicate 2 minutes of your time. School is free in America as well as in Scotland. How’s the school system, how long are your school days, which subjects do you have, is it much homework? It would be great if you would share that with us!

– We also wonder what you guys do on your national holidays. It would be nice if I got a comment related to anything around this subject (U.S.As and Scotlands cultural/social values).