Flood :/

There are so many floods around the world at this point. In our class today we had to choose one picture that we had to write about and i selected the picture to the right:

Children  use a coffin as a makeshift boat in floodwaters in Quezon city, Metro ManilaThis picture is from the philippines and shows how much the flood affected them. In the phillippines there are alot of poor people/kids in the streets. I really feel sorry for all the people over there because many people lost all of what they owned. Probably many people didn’t have insurance which means this flood took a huge impact on the society especially the poeple.

One other picture that i kinda “appreciated” was the picture underneath (got my emotions running).A man carries a bucket of puppies into his house as other dogs stay on the roof in a flooded area of Marikina, east of Manila, Philippines

I really liked this picture because i didnt think/know that in a situation like this the philipino citizens would care this much about their dogs/animals. I guess i had this little prejudice about the philippens. Well, well i really like that they dont just let these living creatures just die. It´s sad that it had to happend and i whish i could have helped. We have had some floodes in Norway but never as bad as this one. There is probably not that many people that has heard of this dissaster because their are a lot of natural disasters all over the world right now and thats why i choose to write about this so at least a couple could see this and spread the news. To all those people that has died R.I.P. (here is a link to a short video of this natural disaster: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3571624.htm


“the best”!

Honestly i would say Google translate is the best translator so far. It´s easy to use and evrybody knows about it. Unfortunally those online dictionaries i am going to do a “review” about is not Google transelate. The type of dictionaries i will be doing a review of is about monolingual dictionaries not the basic transelate dictionary. What i will look for in these very different online dictionaries is: How fast, how easy, how precise/good it is to find a word. I will compere three dictionaries which is called Onelook dictionaries, Cambridge dictionaries and the free dictionary by Farlex.

I searched for one word in these three categories: nomen (skateboard), verb (run) and addjectiv (hard). Onelook was a browser that searched for other dictionaries to explane your words. Camebridge dictionary was very standard for a dictionary of this type (very basic). You searched for the word and it showed you three lines describing the word. it didnt say anything about how to conjugate the word or even say if it was a nomen, verb or addjectiv.  The free dictionary by Farlex was the best in my oppinion. They had a very long good description of the words and they even conjugated the words. So Felix wins the word description.

The fastest and easiest was probably the camebridge dictionary. It was fast and you could clearly see where to look for the description of the word (good structure on the page/nice layout in general). The other web pages had a little to much on their pages. it was really long descriptions and the web sites looked very “dangerous”. Your afraid of bumping into a commercial on the side because you could get a virus. So the easiest/fastest/best designed site is the cambridge dictionary.

The best dictionary is very hard to say… it depends if you just want a fast answear or a detailed answear? I guess it´s up to you to choose, here are the links to the pages hope you got the resaults you wore looking for:




Norwegians :D

I am very happy living in Norway! 

1. Negative

2. Positive society

3. Positive/Beautifull nature

There are a lot of reasons why i love Norway. Even though there are some bad things about Norway i would definitly say it´s more possitive sides about this beautiful contry. We could start with some negative facts, then go over to the happy and good news. The main thing that i don´t like is the weather. It´s very unreliable and its mostly a cold wind hitting you in the face evry now and then, very rainy and snowy as well. Something this leads to is that we norwegians need good clothing which usually costs quite a bit of money. I shouldn´t really say much more negative about Norway, mainly because i dont wan´t to rash down on my contry (i will let other politicians do so) (we also usually travel a lot to foreign contryes on vacations and stuff because of bad weather :/).

The main positiv thing about the  Norwegian society that i want to focus on is the free health care and free educations. Norway has earned quite a bit of money on Oil, making Norway to one of the richest countries in the world and we are on fourth place on the GDP per capita scale. Some of the savings from the oil goes to free hospital care. This is something that alot of countries don´t have but need. We dont have to pay a single penny for going to the hospital. (there are some private hospitals in Norway that has better services that you also have to pay for, but same sh__t we also have free hospitals, it all depends on what a person prefers). Schools and colleges are also free (unless you go to a private school which is not very normal). We get free school books and free pc’s and offcource free schooling.

Last but not least i will mention that we have have a very nice nature. Big mountains, huge forests and very nice beaches, we also have nice cities with a nice population that would be more then happy to answer a question for you. Well that´s the happy Norway i guess. Love living here in Norway hope you this changed your little prejudice about Norway if you had on, now remember to take on your shoes and get the hell up to Norway and we will cya there!